Feature Your Baby in her Own Johnson’s Baby Commercial

My daughter is now four years old but there are times when I wish that she’s still a baby.

Nowadays, her time is allotted to a variety of activities for kids her age, like going to school, playing with her cousin and friends, and watching her favorite cartoons on tv. I miss the time when we would spend the whole day together because that’s what we did back when she was still one year old. I would read to her, play with her, give her milk, teach her how to walk and teach her how to say words like mommy, daddy, lolo and lola. I also changed her nappy several times a day and powdered her bum with Johnson’s Baby Powder to keep her from getting diaper rash.

Johnson’s Baby Powder has always reminded me of my one year old Purple. Oh, if I could only turn back the time….

Well, today, I dropped by the  Johnson Baby Philippines Facebook page. They have a new application there that lets you upload your baby’s photo and lets you feature her in her very own Johnson’s Baby commercial. I uploaded a few of Purple’s one year old photos and watched it in the gallery section.

Here’s a screenshot of the last part of the commercial. That’s me wearing pink and carrying Purple when she was still a baby.

You can also view our commercial:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Drive to Johnson Baby Philippines Facebook page.
  • Click the Baby’s First JB Video App.
  • Click on View the Gallery.
  • You will see lots of videos there. Our video is the one with the name Mommy Peachy and Baby Purple.Just click the name and you’ll be able to watch it.

You can also make your own video by following the first three steps above but after that you will have to register and upload your photos. You will be receiving an e-mail after, if your video is already approved for viewing.

Go on make a Johnson’s Baby Commercial for your child. Let me know if you’ve already made one so I can take a look at it.


  1. Mary Anne Vinzon says

    Our kids really grows fast,Johnson’s Baby Products is with me since I gave birth to my daughter which is 2 years old and up to present.I love that idea,featuring my baby in a commercial.

  2. Tess Torrecampo-Chancellor says

    oh cute, mine is also 4 years old, but a boy. Like any other mom.who would not want to see our kids in a commercial.

  3. Rome Diwa says

    Im a johnson baby, no doubt about it.  My nanay used it when we were young to freshen us up. Until now, im still using it sssshhhhh

  4. says

    That’s sweet! I hope you win! Good luck!  isn’t it amazing that internet has been progressing to something like this, a company can directly connect to people! AWesome!

  5. Shydub says

    Good luck to you, i hope you win. you can still model your 4 year old daughter though. johnson’s is every mom’s favorite brand  to give comfort to their baby

  6. Rubenlicera says

    For me , as a father …me and my wife choose Johnson brand for our baby .It is really different from the  others..Hope you win …Good luck

  7. says

    I truly envy now the mommies for having lovely darlings of their own. Now I wish i have a baby too so that we can as well make our own commercial. 

  8. says

    That’s a cute baby-mommy moment. Time flies by so fast really, that is why it is very important for us moms to spend time with our kids so we don’t miss a moment while they are growing up. 

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