On being pregnant and beautiful..

I’ll always remember being pregnant with Ykaie…

Why? Because I’ve never been happier. When I found out that I am carrying life inside me for the first time I was elated.I’ll always remember the nausea, the mild dizzyness and those smell that irritated me. Although I didn’t have much of  the morning sickness that many pregnant women experience on their first trimester, it’s still kind of hard.

Everything was okay,weight gain and all until the seventh month when stretch marks started to appear.I looked for gels, cream and anything that would stop these stretch marks from showing and from itching.I had a difficult time choosing because there are lots of products on the market. It’s hard to know what works and what’s safe.It’s great to know that now we don’t have to worry because there’s a product that’s really safe and effective,Beaute de Maman.

Beaute de Maman is a unique line of health and beauty product developed by an expert to treat problems specifically related to the physiological and hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy.

Their stretch mark cream contains herbal and botanical ingredients that have been shown to increase collagen and elastin. Breakage of these skin proteins during the rapid expansion of the skin during pregnancy is responsible for the creation of stretch marks. By increasing the production of these skin proteins the severity and the extent of stretch marks can be markedly reduced.Plus their product has been tested on a large number of patients who can attest to its effectiveness..

If you’re pregnant, I suggest you order now. It won’t only be good for you but for your baby as well because you know she’s safe.

Had I known about this product a year ago,I would’ve ordered but I think it’ll be two or three more years before I do.

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