Ten Online Resources for Printable Recipes

When online cooking shows refer to their online resources, most cooks cringe because the access to the recipes is kept behind a series of doors that must be maneuvered to actually find the recipes. Instead of struggling to visit every chef’s personal website, consider going to one of these central websites that includes many of those same recipes from the great chefs on TV.

1. Nibblous

This is a great website for people who enjoy sharing their own recipes with others. People from every walk of life are able to post their favorite recipes alongside some of the most famous chefs’ favorites. A separate section of this website provides information about some of the best bottled wines to accompany the recipes.

2. Be The Cook

On this website, the cook will find instructional videos that demonstrate proven cooking techniques. When the recipes are printed, the full ingredient list is presented with the instructions for preparing the recipe. If the cook is seeking recipes for international cooking, this website can meet the demand.

3. Food Network

After preparing a recipe from this website, the user is allowed to return to the webpage and rate the recipe and the instructions that were provided. Some of the top chef’s that are so familiar today contribute their recipes to this site from their cable TV programs.

4. Cooking Light

Light meals have become very important in today’s society because of the sedentary lifestyles that have caused people to stop and evaluate the composition of their favorite recipes. The recipes here are great tasting and easy to prepare for the cook looking to find simpler recipes that resemble their classic cousins.

5. Eating Well

Sometimes a cook simply needs to replace cooking habits that add unnecessary calories with innovative cooking techniques that achieve a healthier product. For traditional cooks, the Eating Well website provides information that can affect the quality of every prepared menu item.

6. Mayo Clinic

As one of the most respected sources of healthy recipes, this section of the Mayo Clinic website is a great place to find proven recipes that will not aggravate certain health conditions. Whether the goal is weight loss or blood sugar regulation, these recipes are easy to print and make for the cook at any skill level.

7. All Recipes

As one of the largest repositories of online recipes, All Recipes provides menus for the busy cook. Whether the menu would address a party situation or a busy family, the cook can find weeknight, kid-friendly, make ahead and gourmet menus. There are also dietary menus, including: low carb, low calorie, low-fat and low sodium menus.

8. Recipe.com

A searchable directory provides the weary cook with a way to find a recipe that is proven. Since multiple versions of the same recipe are presented, the recipe that matches the cook’s skill level and available ingredients can be chosen. On the homepage of this website, a daily recipe is presented for the cook who has trouble deciding what to cook.

9. Epicurious

This website is viewed as the major pillar of the online recipe community because of its vast collection of recipes from some of the most famous cooking magazines, including: Self Magazine, Bon Appetite, and Gourmet. Major categories for menus and recipes allow the cook to find the perfect recipe combination for the occasion.

10. My Recipe Box

This handy tool allows the cook to revisit the favorite recipes that have been used in the recent past. Personal options are used to organize the library of favorites for easy reference. Each cook can rate the recipes and share their own tips and tricks.

One advantage to printable recipes is the ability to collect and trade the best recipes with others. Most recipes are presented on a full page for easy visibility and the flexibility to organize the pages in a notebook. For the person who would prefer to simply use the recipes from the screen, the beautiful pictures and easy to read ingredient lists provide the necessary information while the cook is creating right in the kitchen.

Tom Walker is an analyst of ink cartridges for a living, and is currently spending a lot of time reviewing Canon ink cartridges.

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