Lunch at Yabu House of Katsu

Yabu House of Katsu

Daddydoodledoo and I had a lunch date at the newly opened branch of Yabu House of Katsu at SM Grand Central last Monday. The last time we’ve been here was last year I think.. I really can’t remember, save for THIS one na maliit pa si Ykaie. To start our meal we ordered the Cold Appetizers (₱245) which is composed of a small serving of Wakame and Egg Potato Salad. I love the contrasting flavors. Wakame is very refreshing while the Potato Salad has this creamy deliciousness.

Yabu House of Katsu

I tried the Special Katsudon Set (Rosu – ₱450). It’s Master Kazuya’s spin on the traditional katsudon. Unlike the original which tends to be wet and soft, this one remains crispy. It’s Yabu’s signature katsu drizzled with a light and sweet miso-based sauce, served with nori, ban ito flakes, topped with a jumbo fried egg and fresh shiso leaves. And like all their sets, it’s served with refillable white or brown rice, miso soup, cabbage and fruits.

Yabu House of Katsu

Daddydoodledoo tried the new Tornado Omelette Curry Set ( 120g – ₱570). You can have a choice of meat for this dish and to tell you honestly, it has such a big serving! The rice is topped with tornado-style velvety omelette, their signature crispy Katsu and rich, deep Japanese curry. The hubs chose spicy for the curry too. It’s also served with refillable white or brown rice, miso soup, cabbage and fruits.

Guess what we had for dessert? Kimawi’s Famous Hokkaido Soft Cream has made its way to this branch.. Woohoo! It’s crafted with ultra-creamy Hokkaido milk and paired with their iconic homemade lengua de gato cones and cigar. Perfect ending to our meal.

Yabu House of Katsu is located at G/F SM Grand Central, Monumento Caloocan City.

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