5 Reasons the New Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are #SnackGoals

Get the limited-edition treat while you can, Cream-Oholics!

There’s a new snack in town that might just rock the world of chocolate lovers. We’re talking a new and unique source of choco-happiness sent down from the deities up there in choco-heaven: the new and limited-edition Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies.

So, if you’re wondering what it tastes like, here’s what you need to know about Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies:

Double the treat, double the fun

With Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies you can experience the best of both worlds as it combines two popular snack formats in one scrumptious bite. It’s both a soft, chewy cookie and a rich, fudgy brownie. As an amazing bonus, there’s even chocolate cream surprise once you take a bite.

Choco-tastic” Sensation

This treat definitely delivers when it comes to chocolate. From the deep, cookie-brownie base to the choco cream filling, it’s a chocolate lover’s (or Cream-Oholic’s) dream come true. Just a warning: extreme levels of “choco-happiness” may occur.

Softness overload

Forget crumbly cookies and dry brownies. Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are all about that delectable and smooth texture. They’re flavor bombs, with each blissful bite into that soft and chewy cookie.

Me-time but better

Enjoy your favorite me-time activity — like cozying up to a good book, listening to your favorite inspirational podcasts, or watching your favorite true crime or K-drama series — much, much more with a glass of creamy milk or a cup of joe and this heavenly treat by your side.

Limited-edition magic

Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are like shooting stars in the snack galaxy, a fleeting moment of pure deliciousness. So, grab these limited-edition treats while you can.

Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies aren’t just a snack; they can be a great partner to make your me-time moments more “choco-happy”. Go forth, Cream-Oholics, and snag this limited-edition treat.

Get the new Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookie online via URC shops or shop it at Robinsons Supermarkets, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Easymart, Shopwise, The Marketplace, Puregold, SM Supermarket, and Uncle John’s.
Follow Cream-O on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all their future choco-creations.

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