TasteTok : Quick, Easy, and Delicious Recipes for Busy, Mobile Millennials and Gen Zs

No time to cook? TasteTok’s rice cooker meals are the solution for delicious and easy homecooked meals.

It is no secret that for some on-the-go millennials and Gen Zs, the concept of ‘adulting’ presents myriad challenges, especially in matters that take time, effort, and certain skill sets that they might not possess. A common dilemma is food—and food preparation. What to eat and what to cook are issues that often segue into ‘not knowing how to cook’ or ‘not having time to cook’. Oftentimes, these hapless individuals end up ordering takeout, which eats up a big chunk of their food budget.

The solution? Hearty and healthy dishes that don’t require complicated recipes and fancy kitchen gadgets and, best of all, are easy to prepare and equally easy to clean up. Sounds like a dream come true, especially for those with zero to minimal cooking skills or are simply averse to sweating it out in a hot kitchen.

NutriAsia Inc., a leading food company in the country, launches a new recipe community, TasteTok PH, which features easy, quick, and delicious recipes for millennials and Gen Zs.

Thanks to NutriAsia’s newly launched recipe community, TasteTok PH, housed in social media platform Tiktok, ‘young and aspiring’ adults can now pursue their career aspirations and financial goals, and have fun in the kitchen, too.

A leading food company in the country, NutriAsia Inc. has for the longest time been posting on its website simple, quick, and delicious recipes for meals that can be prepared using kitchenware staples.

TasteTok’s quick, easy, and delicious meals can be prepared using NutriAsia’ products, like UFC Oppa Mixes, Datu Puti Adobo Series, and UFC Creamy Overload.

Now, through this new initiative, @.tastetokPH is the go-to source of recipes for flavorful everyday meals that millennials and Gen Zs—with little time and resources—will be delighted to prepare. Both kitchen whizzes and dilettantes among them will appreciate @.tastetokPH’s easy-does-it rice cooker meals such as Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Filipino Style Carbonara, Adobo Rice, Sinigang Rice, Tinola Rice, and Kimchi Rice.

Check out recipes featuring NutriAsia’s easy-to-use products: the UFC Korean Fun Chow, which are rice mixes that come in Bulgogi, Bimbimbap, and Kimchi flavors; UFC Oppa Mixes, an all-purpose Korean-style meat sauce used for glazing, dipping, or marinading; Datu Puti Adobo Series, a first-in-the-market assortment of savory adobo sauces; and UFC Overload, an all-in-one, heat-and-serve sauce overloaded with real ingredients. These special kitchen mixes go into the making of crave-worthy Korean dishes and nostalgia meals that evoke their childhood when family elders reigned at the kitchen.

NutriAsia Inc. invited food vloggers and influencers to try out the convenient and delectable recipes featured in TasteTok PH.

On their vision for this community, James Lim, Corporate Marketing and Communications Head of NutriAsia says, “We understand the demands of modern life, and we strive to provide solutions that fit into the hectic schedules of these young adults. This is why we launched new NutriAsia products that are meant for easy-to-prepare recipes that align with the tastes of the young generation.”

Recipes featured on TasteTok PH can be one’s new go-to dishes that make cooking fun, easy, and uncomplicated.

Adhering to this vision, TasteTok will continually provide clear-cut steps for whipping up delicious food, making it simple for individuals to enjoy homecooked meals even on the most chaotic of days.

Recipes to be featured will be for meals for one or two, in servings that prevent food waste.

Lim adds, “We take pride in NutriAsia’s enthusiasm in creating a community that will largely benefit millennials and Gen Zs, making the task of adulting in the kitchen more accessible to everyone.”

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