The Fastest Recipes To Cook for a Student: 12 Delicious Dishes to Take with You

Every student, at least once in their life, thought about what they could cook to take with them and have a tasty snack. Busy work and study do not provide the opportunity to eat a balanced diet and cook constantly. And eating just instant noodles is not so healthy. That is why you should familiarize yourself with the most popular simple and quick recipes from busy writers from These specialists know how hectic student’s life can be. So since they already help students finish tiring essay assignments, they also decided to share simple but healthy recipes.


So, first, let’s look at simple and light salads that have high nutritional properties. Each recipe can be easily prepared after purchasing the basic ingredients. Among the most interesting recipes, we selected the following:

  1. A light salad with turkey and nuts. You will need lettuce, boiled turkey, nuts, feta cheese and olive oil. First you need to cut all the components. Coat them with olive oil. Use cheese and nuts for decoration and extra taste.
  2. Salad with avocado and salmon. To prepare you will need a lettuce, avocado, salt and pepper, olive oil, lemon juice. Cut all the salmon and avocado into small pieces. Prepare the sauce from the liquid ingredients and season the salad.

These recipes are simple. Everyone can prepare them quickly in just a few simple steps using a minimum amount of ingredients.


If you like sandwiches, then you should pay attention to a few simple ideas for preparing them. Pay attention to these interesting recipes:

  1. Mini sandwiches with cream cheese and vegetables. You will need a baguette or any other bread, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato and herbs. Slice the bread and spread cream cheese on each piece. Chop the vegetables and place them on top. Add some greens. Cover the top of the filling with the other half of the bread.
  2. Turkey and avocado burger. This is a popular dish among students. Use ground chicken or cooked turkey. Get your burger buns. You will also need tomatoes, avocado, herbs, mayonnaise or mustard. Form small cutlets and fry them. Cut the vegetables into slices. Cut the buns. Grease the buns with mayonnaise and mustard. Assemble the burger as desired.

These dishes can be prepared both for a snack and for a party with your friends.


This is another delicious and nutritious option. A minimum amount of ingredients is required for preparation, and the finished dishes are tasty. Consider these popular recipes among students:

  1. Rice with chicken and vegetables. Prepare the rice and cook it according to the instructions. Take chicken fillet, broccoli and carrots. Fry this mixture in a frying pan until cooked and add soy sauce. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Pasta with tomatoes and tuna. You will need spaghetti and canned tuna. Spaghetti should be cooked according to instructions. It is better to fry the tuna in a frying pan until it gets extra flavor. Mix tuna and spaghetti. Also add olive oil and lemon juice.

Such recipes will be a good option for a quick lunch. These dishes also have high nutritional properties.


Various versions of toast are popular. Here are some ideas that you can prepare yourself quickly:

  1. Toast with banana and honey. To prepare you will need toast bread, banana and honey. You can also add nuts. Toast the bread with honey. Cut the banana into small slices and place them on the bread. Sprinkle it all with nuts. Honey can be replaced with any other sweets to your liking. For example, use peanut butter to grease the dish.
  2. Toast with lemon chicken salad. Take toast bread. Add boiled chicken fillet, mayonnaise, onion and lemon. It is better to cut the fillet into small cubes. It is better to mix lemon juice with mayonnaise to obtain a fresher taste. Also, add salt, pepper and green onions for a richer flavor.

Toast is easy and quick to prepare with a minimum amount of ingredients, allowing everyone to have a delicious breakfast or lunch.


Students must also eat liquid food. Soups are popular. Let’s look at a few quick-to-prepare recipes:

  1. Light broccoli crème-soup. You will need potatoes, broccoli, onions, broth, garlic. First you need garlic and onions in a frying pan, then add potatoes and broccoli. Fill everything with broth. Beat the finished product with a blender. Add salt and pepper and other spices if necessary.
  2. Chicken broth with vegetables. To prepare you will need chicken knees, onions, carrots, potatoes. First you need to cook the chicken. After this, add potatoes, onions and carrots. Cook the product until done.

Warm or hot soups should always be in your diet. Most importantly, any student can prepare them.


It is also an important part of daily nutrition. These drinks can warm you well when it is cold and help quench your thirst when it is hot. Pay attention to these interesting recipes:

  1. Lemonade with mint and lavender. You will need the juice of two lemons, lavender syrup, mint leaves and water. Stir together lemon juice and lavender syrup. Add mint and ice. After this, fill the workpiece with water and let it brew for a while.
  2. Cocoa with vanilla and cinnamon. To prepare you need milk, cocoa powder, cinnamon and vanilla extract. First, heat the milk, add cocoa powder with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Mix everything well and heat it before it boils.

Students can easily prepare quick, tasty and healthy meals. There are many simple, nutritious meals that can be prepared in no time. You can also make preparations for several days. The main thing is to make balanced meals, including plenty of proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates, for maximum flavor and benefits.

Questions and answers

What are the benefits of cooking for students?

Cooking your own meals is a great way to control your nutrition while actively studying at university.

How can a student save money on groceries?

Buy groceries and cook yourself. Use seasonal products that are available in markets and stores.

How to fit healthy eating into your student schedule?

Choose meals with plenty of protein and fiber. Eat complex carbohydrates and try to keep a balance.

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