My Birthday Celebration

It was a fun fun night even though it started out in traffic. We decided to meet at Trinoma and what  better way to spend our waiting time than by riding the horse at the Carousel. peanutbutterwas so sweet to accompany Ykaie and my niece, Chellie at the ride.

And because I really enjoyed our Shomal experience last month, that’s where I treated them for dinner. I really loved the ambience!

Deciding on what to order..
Ate Thess, Chellie and Roman.
Roman and Ate Nydia
Thank you for the birthday gifts! loved it!
mommy and ykaie moment…daddy’s busy checking out the Menu….
Appetizer Platter (P465)
It comes with Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Salad Olovieh and this dish, which, after asking the waiter three times for its name, we still cannot understand. This dish comes with 2 pieces of Nan. It’s my first time to try all of them and I like them, specially the Hummus.I could eat them anytime of the day.
We decided to order one of their set meal which was good for 4-5 persons. Its around P1,400 and consists of Shrimp Tandoori, a stick of Lamb Kebab, a stick of Beef Kebab, a stick of Shish Kebab, a stick of Lamb Shish and a stick of Chicken Kebab served with Saffron Rice, Grilled Tomatoes and their garlic sauce.
I was really looking forward to taste the lamb but unfortunately I was too busy having fun with everybody and I actually didn’t taste it while eating….
Indian Chicken Curry
I forgot to take note of how much this is but its really good. Curry mixed with Indian spices.
Shish Kebab

Marinated chunks of tenderloin, skewered and charbroiled. It comes with two pieces of pita bread, garlic sauce and hot sauce.We had an extra order of this.

Baklava (P68)
I don’t know if there are two flavors because I didn’t order any dessert. I’m not very fond of Baklavas.
More pictures while eating…You might be wondering where Sis is. She’s the one who took all the pictures, thereby avoiding exposure…
Thank you so much for the Birthday greetings and Birthday wishes everyone!! I really had a great time yesterday..
Shomal Kebabs & Curries
Level 4
Trinoma Mall

Quezon City

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