Lock & Lock Introduces COOKPLUS Vitamin & Borosilicate Glasswares

Lock & Lock Introduces COOKPLUS Vitamin & Borosilicate Glasswares

I am an avid fan of Lock & Lock products. I buy their plastic containers for water, cereals, cookies and we also use it to bring food to the office and to picnics. I got excited when they invited me over to the launch of their new Kitchen-to-Table cookwares.

First, let me tell you about COOKPLUS  Vitamin. COOKPLUS Vitamin includes three new exciting product lines each with different features that are prepared to fit every kitchen needs, and to accord with the healthy living as needed by today’s family. COOKPLUS Vitamin is a colorful array of frying pans, casserole, wok and saucepans. Vitamin cook wares are built upon the concepts of E3: eco-friendly, economical, and easy cooking. These products are an innovation to reduce the risks of the dispersion of harmful chemicals, such as PFOA {Perfluorooctanoic Acid }, that are found on common industrially prepared cooking pans today. Lock & Lock COOKPLUS is the pioneer in introducing this advancement in the country, as more and more are competing in the market with the wrong kitchen ideas.

Lock & Lock Introduces COOKPLUS Vitamin & Borosilicate Glasswares

These are the Lock & Lock premium grade stainless steel cooking pans and pots branded as COOKPLUS. It is graded as the one of highest in quality and is intended for longer product lifespan. It looks really pretty too!

Lock & Lock Introduces COOKPLUS Vitamin & Borosilicate Glasswares

This is  what I love most on the new products — the Boroseal glassware line.

Boroseal comes from the Borosilicate glass technology that lies upon the promise of heat resistance. The product improvement revolves around extensive usage for microwave ovens, boiling water and open flame. Lock & Lock products are known for its advancement in containing heat for food to keep it fresh and safe from formation of harmful bacteria. The material itself is free from common industrial chemicals that have been found dangerous to health. Lock & Lock is making a move towards environmental care and health protection.

It is available indifferent shapes and sizes which suits everyone’s different needs. It makes it convenient for you to serve your food in the container where you prepared it.

Lock & Lock Introduces COOKPLUS Vitamin & Borosilicate Glasswares

These are the other cookwares/products that I love. I will get one of those ceramic coated pans!

These are all available at the LOCK & LOCK Stores in:

Shangri-la Mall
Eastwood City
Glorietta 4
Lucky Chinatown Mall
Alabang Town Center
Banilad Town Center, Cebu City
Inside leading department stores nationwide.


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