Starbucks Autumn Blend & Anniversary Blend

This September brings back a classic favorite and a new offering.
Starbucks Autumn Blend & Anniversary Blend

Welcoming the cold season, starting on September 11 is STARBUCKS® AUTUMN BLEND
It is a combination of coffees from Sumatra and the Antigua region of Guatemala. This spicy, full-bodied blend reveals subtle herbal notes when paired with a savory main course. Inspired by the great foods of the season, Autumn Blend has a syrupy body, making it perfect with buttery desserts.
Complementary flavors include herbs, savory dishes, cheeses and desserts like gingerbread and cheesecake.
( Retail Price: ₱495)

Starbucks Autumn Blend & Anniversary Blend

Starbucks® Anniversary Blend is originally created to celebrate Starbucks rich coffee heritage. It a bold, full-bodied coffee with a courageous dark roast. It’s  hearty blend of Asia Pacific coffees which features the extremely rare, aged Sumatran beans.

As a celebration of Starbucks passion for coffee, instead of letting the machines with lock washer, nuts and bolt do the turning automatically, they turned the 130-pound burlap sacks by hand and tasted the coffee every few months for several years. This aging process adds depth, smoothness and complex flavor, developing a big, bold flavor with a heavy, syrupy body and cedary spicy notes. So enjoy – it’s truly one of a kind.
This coffee is only available for a limited time.
Complementary flavors include maple, oats, cinnamon and butter.
( Retail Price: ₱495)


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