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I think I finally found the right diet! Ever heard of the Flat Belly Diet ? They say that this diet is created for people who’ve tried everything to eliminate belly fat. This diet was developed by the editor of prevention magazine and is centered around a new research. And this is the good news, recent discoveries showed that eating MUFAs (or Monosaturated Fatty Acids which are healthy fats) at every meal specifically targets belly fats. The most dangerous fats because this has been linked with heart disease.

And that’s not all, MUFAs are found in the most delicious food. It is abundant in Almonds, peanutbutter (a favorite!), oils and avocados. Now I know why Britney Spears includes avocado in her diet. Oh and MUFAs can also be found in chocolates….yummy! In the Flat Belly Diet, you can eat chocolate as long as it’s dark chocolate and a serving  equals one quarter cup of dark chocolate chips or 1.5 ounces of squares. This amount has been proven to help relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

Would you like to have a flat belly and eat chocolate too?? Well, Prevention Magazine is looking for a select group of women who would like to try the Flat Belly Diet for free.

Just go to their website to know more about the Flat Belly Diet basics and apply : Flat Belly Diet


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