Banana Leaf

The ambience was pretty cool. We asked my cousin, Joffrey, to come along so we kinda ordered a lot of food.

 Ykaie loves playing with the menu everywhere we go.

The Menu

and of course, you’ll be eating on a banana leaf instead of a plate, as the name of the restaurant implies.

 Stuffed Chicken Wings (P128)
The chicken was stuffed with glutinous rice and was very good.It was melt-in-your-mouth soft…I could eat this all day. I even had the last piece.
 Thai Pomelo Salad (P138)
This tasted different but I like it. Joffrey didn’t,he thought this tasted weird.
 Penang Noodles (P188)
I actually forgot the name…silly me.
Wok Fried Squid (P228)
Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish (P188)
This is good for two to three persons.
Malayan Beef Curry (P238)
The curry is overpowering everything on the menu.Didn’t like this very much.
I also ordered some Vietnamese Iced Coffee but i forgot to take a picture because I was busy with the lights and Ykaie.
Thumbs up for this restaurant’s staff.They were attentive to their customer’s needs.
 Banana Leaf is located at  the 3rd level of SM The Block

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  1. i love banana leaf! but it has been awhile since i’ve eaten here! nagutom tuloy ako now. yum. 🙂

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