The Original Mami House

If you’re in Caloocan and in the mood for some true blue Beef Pares I would suggest you drop by the corner of 9th avenue and Rizal avenue to get it.

Beef Pares (P67)

I was wanting to put rice on hold for a couple of weeks but my craving got the best of me.My tastebuds dragged me to go but I don’t wanna go without company, so I took my sister who calls herself Anney, Ykaie and my two nephews along with me.

Pares is the Filipino term for pair.Literally this dish is served in pairs,a combination of Beef Stew viand and a bowl of soup,served with rice.

The stew is made with beef cutlets cooked in sweet soy sauce and anise,topped with spring onions.The soup is made by combining a portion of the stew sauce with some pre-cooked soup stock.Rice usually is garlic rice.”

 Sizzling Bulalo (P85)
This is what my sister who calls herself Anney ordered and it came with garlic rice as well. The rich bulalo swimming in buttery sauce is a nice twist to the usual Bulalo which is served with soup. I took home an order to peanubutter who was currently in dreamland that time.
Bulalo is boiled-in beef shank served with a variety of vegetables. It is the bone marrow of the beef shank.”
The Original Mami House has been around for as long as I can remember and they have added some things to their menu.You’ll have lots of dishes to choose from but there are limited number of seats as their seating is carinderia-style.

The Original Mami House
9th ave. cor Rizal ave.
Caloocan City

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  1. ay grabeh!!!sobrang alam na alam ko yang place na yan, lapit lang kasi jan yung school ko, kalookan High,sa may 10th ave., and yes sarap talaga ng pares!!!

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