Street Pizza/Mobile Pizza

Another one of ’em street foods wandering around the neighborhood.Just to be organized, hahaha..I’ll start blogging about those street foods that are around me first : those that are near me and those whose vendors  pass by in front of my little internet café.

This is street pizza or better known as PIZZANG GALA.With Gala meaning……….gala (g´ala’)  to won- der about, to go about idly, to travel aimlessly.

This Pizza Vendor wanders around every neighborhood selling really cheap pizza even children could afford.

Whole pizza costs P56 or $1.14. A slice costs P7 or $0.14. Pretty cheap,you say. Well, that’s because this pizza is just crust, tomato sauce with ketchup, a small amount of cheese and a teeny-weeny bit of salami. Far from the pizzas that Pizza parlors offer.

When you buy a pizza, the vendor will heat up the pizza in this improvised oven. It’s just like the body of regular oven on top of a regular single stove.

This is what the street pizza looks like. I think I last bought a slice when I was in elementary and back then it costs P2.50 per slice..hahaha.I’ve forgotten how this pizza tastes like and when I ate a slice this afternoon I knew I missed it. It lacked all the goodness of quality pizza and yet it still rocks….

I treated my customers at the café for pizzang gala because I had them try out this new online multiplayer game. It’s a pool game that is available in different languages and let’s you play with friends online. If you like playing online games, you’ll definitely love the this one because it’s very realistic.

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