Kakanin/ Filipino Rice Cakes

The Filipino word kakanin comes from kanin (rice) which also means to eat. Kakanin are typically made of various forms of regular rice and glutinous or sticky rice which are soaked in water and  ground.Then combined with coconut milk and sugar, some with salt. They are either baked, boiled or steamed, then lined up on a banana leaf.

These are the Kakanin that can be found at the local wet market everyday which you can buy from breakfast until late afternoon. There are lots to choose from.

What you see here have sweetened red beans under chewy sticky rice with coconut milk. Topped with Fried coconut milk solids (latik). Most of this costs P10.00 ($.20) per serving.

Corn and Purple Yam (Ube) flavored delicacies
Jackfruit and Red Bean Rice Cake (Biko). These are made of whole grain glutinous rice instead of ground.
Another way of presenting the Jackfruit and Red Bean Rice Cake (Biko)
Those in little plastic bags is one of my favorites. They are glutinous rice bites in sweet brown sauce.LOL! I actually forgot what this is called, to think it’s my favorite..heehee

an entry for and. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. i just want to ask if is it possible to deliver kakanin or sapin sapin in a corrugated box but without using a bilao in it?

    1. Yes, I think it is possible as long as the container can support the kakanin.

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