Stouffer’s Panini has four new flavors!

I got excited when I saw that there are new flavors of Stouffers-panini at the grocery yesterday. I love these sandwiches. They’re very tasty and there’s a lot of flavors to choose from.Plus they’re ready in about 3 minutes from your microwave.

The four new varieties are :Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese, and Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka. I wanted to try the Meatballs and Peppers so I bought a box. What got me more excited is that along with the four new varieties is the launch of a contest which could take you to the four places where the panini flavor originated: Italy, Greece, France and India. The Meatball and Peppers,for example,. Its from Italy. Italy is one of the places to choose from when you win the Grand Prize.

There are 3 Grand Prizes which entitles you to $10,000 gift card. The other prizes that could be won are 12 Sony Digital Camcorders (Value of $500) and daily instant product coupons. Those are some prizes huh?
Just remember that in order for you to join the contest, you have to enter one unique UPC code per day. I’m sorry but the contest is open to all Canadian residents only.

Wanna know a little secret? The registration process allows you one free entry. What are you waiting for? Register here.

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