Tita Lynn’s Suman

Suman is rice cake made from glutinous rice and coconut milk, steamed and wrapped in coconut or banana leaves. Tita Lynn’s has reinvented suman by adding a whole new twist to it. This little café has given suman different flavors such as: Cocomas, Langka[Jackfruit], mango, and Ube macapuno [purple yam and coconut].

They also sell Barako Coffee, a coffee varietal grown in Batangas and Alamid Coffee. Alamid Coffeeis special coffee made from coffee cherries that have been eaten and has passed through the digestive tract of  Philippine Civet. I know it sounds icky. I, myself, don’t have the guts to drink anything that passed through anyone’s or anything’s digestive tract. But they say that the process is what gives the beans its unique flavor.

A flavored suman costs P35/ $0.74 each
But they also have something like a combo-meal. Suman-hot chocolate and Suman-coffee combinations which was what sis and I ordered.
Sis ordered  the jackfruit flavored suman served a syrupy hot chocolate for dipping. This combination is sold for P60/$1.27.
I ordered the mango flavored suman with hot chocolate. Now, I’m not really fond of Suman like my peanutbutter but I’m definitely going back to this little café to try out the other suman flavors.

Tita Lynn’s Suman
Sky Garden
Quezon City

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