How Wheat Works

Do you ever wonder about the food on your table every single day? Everyday you eat grains, cereals, tortilla and bread, have you ever stopped and think about where they come from? Well, you can all learn what you have to learn about Wheat at

How Wheat Works is an online interactive program that delivers farm-to-fork education on wheat. You can learn about wheat from virtually planting them until it comes to your table.This will give you a better understanding on its nutritional value. This is like an interactive farm game where you can plant on your virtual wheat field, harvest, mill and bake until the wheat comes to your local grocery store.The program has four phases –growth, harvest, milling/baking and the grocer’s aisle– which takes only a minute to complete but has a span of four days. You get to choose the kind of wheat that you are going to plant and after the activity you can extend your learning by preparing some wheat-based recipes from

For each person who will participate, the Wheat Foods Council will donate two pounds of flour, up to 90,000 pounds, to Operation Homefront, a non-profit that provides assistance to needy U.S. troops and their families.This donation is made possible by our members at ADM and ConAgra, two of the world’s largest millers.

What’s nice about this is that you can let your kids learn about wheat with you.There’s a program at which is very kid-friendly and which also shows some kid-friendly recipes.

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