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I am a beginner when it comes to wines. I have yet to learn all about wines. All I know is that white wine goes with white meat such as chicken or fish and red wine goes well with red meat like pork or beef. I also know that Red wine is very healthy, prevents heart disease and is an anti-oxidant.

I was planning to make this beef dish which is supposed to be my first dish with wine and I still haven’t made it. I guess I’m still looking for the perfect red wine for this dish. I’ve heard that Calatayud wine is not only good value for money but that their red wine are quite strong in aroma, fruity and tasty. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, they are. The grapes come from the westernmost part of the province of Zaragoza. The cool mountain climate of this area and the steep, uneven grounds give the wines their good color and good acidity balance. They are famous for their Rose wine which are aromatic, very tasty and of a deep raspberry colour. Their White wines has a very light yellow color, this is because very few of them are barrel fermented.And their Red wines, produced mostly with Grenache, has a dark lively color and has the aroma of dark berries,soft and full of flavors..

I have to experiments with these wines and try cooking with them…Who knows, my family might love them..

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  1. I love wine and can’t live without wine. I drink it with my family and friends and always want to have the best wine ever. Wine and chocolate is the perfect combination. I love chocolate. I have a party with my family.

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