Quick and Easy Peach Crisp

Lazy mornings are made of these….or…..

they could end a dinner of steamed rice and charcoal roasted pork belly [lechon liempo]. This finished the fatty dinner cleanly, it kinda took the guilt away..heehee

I’ve been having these sleepless nights lately. I toss and turn in bed trying not to think. I am more affected by this life changing situation that is soon to happen more than I care to admit and show. This is a positive change, though.Just in case you are wondering…Nope, I’m not pregnant..heehee.

2 fresh peaches or 4 pcs peach halves [canned]
½ cup yogurt or 1 scoop yogurt ice cream
brown sugar or cinnamon
4 heaping tbsp granola

I made use of the granola I made the other day but you can use store-bought granola or crumbled granola bars as well.


  • Cut peaches into bite size pieces.
  • If you are using fresh peaches, put peaches in microwaveable container and sprinkle with a little brown sugar and cinnamon then microwave for a few seconds until sugar is dissolved. If you are usuing canned peaches, you can eat it that way or you can microwave it with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Place a scoop of yogurt ice cream or ½ cup yogurt in a glass.
  • Put peaches on top of yogurt.
  • Top with granola.

I’m wishing for a good night’s sleep tonight and a great saturday!
an entry for . Have a great weekend!

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