Grilled Pork Blood (a.k.a. Betamax)

Grilled Pork Blood

Grilled Pork's Blood (a.k.a. Betamax) |

No, I’m not a vampire pretending to be human, silly… and besides, these are made with pork blood. The pork blood are coagulated and then boiled. It is cut into squares, marinated in the vendor’s special marinade, and skewered.

This is my favorite and it’s just one of those “barbecues” you’ll find in almost every corner in the city during night time. These barbecues are one of the  most popular among the street foods because they are affordable and always available.

Grilled Pork's Blood (a.k.a. Betamax) |

Here, the vendor is still cooking our orders: That’s 2 sticks of pork blood for me, 1 stick of pig’s ears for sis, a stick of pork intestines and chicken intestines for my nephew. Sounds like it’s Halloween already?? heehee. Pig’s ears is one of my favorite.

I’ve made some Crispy Pig Ears before.

Grilled Pork's Blood (a.k.a. Betamax) |

The vendor also sells hotdog, pork barbecue and chicken heads..

I don’t eat chicken heads.You think we can still be friends???

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