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They said that America is on its way to  economic recovery from recession but 8 of 10 supermarket shoppers see no improvement in the economy, and 40% say things have actually gotten worse in recent months. They should know. They are the ones dealing and coping with the everyday needs in life.

This is according to an exclusive survey conducted recently by GfK for  Custom Research North America for the Private Label Manufacturers Association about Recession, Recovery & Store Brands.

More so, frequent buyers of Store Brand Formula has risen from 55% last year to 57% this year. I think this will continue to rise because of our need to save money as much as we can. Other consumer think so too as  62% of consumers plan to buy more Store Brand products as they deal with the tough economy.

This is also how I deal with the economic crisis. I now compare the different prices of the products that I’m buying instead of just buying expensive branded products. Just like 43% of shoppers who used to buy only national brands and are now trying store brands for the first time. Virtually 97% of these consumers who switched are very happy with their new choice. And why not? Switching to store brands meant they are saving some money.

Today, parents have to be wiser in their choices with regards to choosing what formula to give to their babies. All formulas are regulated by the FDA and are nutritionally equivalent. Parent’s Choice Infant Formula is not only nutritionally complete, it can also give you as much as $600 a year of savings just by switching.

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