An Oath

This is an awakening but I had to laugh.LOL! It is funny…. but this cartoon quip definitely hit me. I know I have to start working out again. I lead such a sedentary life and being a foodie, I frequently eat out and cook hearty meals for me and my family.

I did lose some weight but I need to lose more and I need to move more. So, aside from work out, I’ve been thinking of doing some running as well . Just in time too, because I’ve been crushing on this really cute pair of running shoes I’ve seen online. And so I made an oath to myself…

I solemnly swear, with all of my heart, that come November, my stepper and dumbells would be in use again. I would try my hardest to exercise at least an hour per day

This is just to break it even with the food I eat.{*wink*}

Just the other day, I ordered the new KFC Chili Lime Chicken.It was good but I didn’t think it was a good pair with the gravy since it tastes a little citrus-y from the Lime. It is more like a chips and dip kind of flavor and it should have been paired with a jalapeño cheese sauce or salsa.

Anyway, this is one other thing I should avoid–take outs. I hope I could get back to my cooking soon.

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