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If I’m going to choose the kind of house where I’m going to live, I want it to be in a good location. I want it to be efficient. I want it to be Greener and I want it to have architectural edge like it’s the most expensive house ever built.

I also want it located somewhere where there’s good food. Like an Austin condo in Texas. Texas is very much known for  extremely big, extremely rich and extremely flavorful food. So if you can imagine yourself living in one of those new, contemporary homes in the north side of Austin or those design-smart town homes down south, you can probably imagine yourself eating these:

Texas Chili. One of the most popular food in Texas is Chili. Unlike Mexican Chili, Texan Chili is beanless, meaty and extra HOT..which is actually my kind of chili. I could make it here at home and I could even pair it with buttermilk biscuits but it won’t be the same as when you’re eating it inside one of those charming condos Austin has in it’s busy streets.

Another food that Texas is known for are food that has heavy grill-smoke flavor and spicy sauce like big slabs of barbecued ribs that is grilled to perfection or giant portions of delicious Steaks.

Did you know that Chicken Fried Steaks also came from Texas? Yup, those tender, juicy flat slabs of chicken topped with the creamiest gravy. I know, I should make a version of that.

All this talk about Texan food and Austin condos is making me hungry, I better fix myself some snack.

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  1. I love Texas chili.  The last time I was in Austin I went out to the middle of nowhere to a bbq place that had the most wonderful food.  I can’t remember the name but it was ages ago and very rustic – but mostly delicious!

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