WaterPlus Billboard Launch at Lu Restaurant

Last Friday, I was one of the fortunate bloggers who was able to witness the launching of WaterPlus’s new print ad campaign and photo challenge along with  some of the top sports and food bloggers around the metro. I went with my cousin Rome. It was held at Lu Restaurant in Rockwell. It was a breath of fresh air to meet some runners and bikers, as I don’t really engage in any kind of sports.
The event was hosted by L.A. Ferriols and VJ Andi Manzano, who is also one of the WaterPlus endorsers.
It was also nice of Senior Product Manager Mr Edwin Martinez, to let us know more about WaterPlus.
WaterPlus is a revolutionary ZERO calorie  and ZERO sugar beverage made from purified water infused with health enhancers that comes in three different variants namely: Smart, Reduce and Protect. It has a refreshing mild fruit taste and tastes really close to water.offers consumers.
WaterPlus Smart has Choline, Taurine and B-Vitamins which are essential in aiding your memory for better recall, sharpness and boosting brain functions.

WaterPlus Protect has Vitamin B6 and Zinc which are known to aid in improving your immunity, helping your body protect itself from certain diseases.

 New WaterPlus billboard/print ad featuring Ms. Andi Manzano
The main focus of the event is WaterPlus Reduce. It has 300mg of L-Carnitine that helps burn fat and converting it to energy, and Fiber which helps clean the digestive tract from toxins to promote proper weight-loss management and healthy digestive system. It comes in three great flavors too! Grape, Apple and Lemon & Berries.
Lu Restaurant served a full course meal which were paired with the three variants of WaterPlus. Surprisingly, each course complimented the different variants of WaterPlus.
Fried Zucchini Blossoms and Crispy Bacon with {I think it was ginger} broth best paired with WaterPlus Apple. Well, apple and pork goes well together.
 Caramelized Grilled Pork and Rice Noodle Salad best paired with WaterPlus Grape Flavor.
It was a little bit different to be served a chilled salad with rice noodles. It was usually chilled pasta salad that is served. This turned out to be surprisingly delicious with the sweet vinaigrette complimented by chopped cilantro. The Grape flavored WaterPlus provided a clean finish to the salad.
Tamarind Prawns with Green Mango Fried Rice best paired with WaterPlus Lemon & Berries flavor.
Hints of citrus always go well with seafood because they take some of the unpleasant seafood taste away.
Spicy Ginger Ice Cream and Pandan Bukayo was our dessert.
 me and the glamorous Ms. Andi Manzano
I personally loved the Grape and Lemon&Berries flavors. Thank you so much for inviting me WaterPlus! I had fun at the event.

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