Shomal Kebabs & Curries by Hossein

bren and me

I love persian cuisine. It amazing how the different spices used marry and creates such very tasty dishes.

My friend Brenice and I had dinner the other night. And over shish and garlic sauce and buttered rice and some frozen yogurt, we shared life stories that happened the past year. Some are exciting, others are just high school stories that we are always laughing about when remembered. You see, life got busy and we’ve seen each other once a year for the past couple of years. This year, I wanna change all that and see her more often. I hope we can do that. I missed her and we have so much to talk about.

Chelou Beef Shish
beef tenderloin cubes marinated in a special sauce served with saffron rice
Bren usually eats kebabs, I think it’s her first time to try shish and she loved it.
Lamb Shish
lamb cubes skewered and grilled, served with garlic sauce hot sauce and pita
I always prefer shish over kebabs. I love chunks of meat rather rather than ground meat sticking together.
garlic sauce and pita
I’ve already been here twice. First was with peanutbutter and second was when I celebrated my birthday last year. So far, this is the best persian restaurant for me. I so love their Hummus.
Shomal Kebabs & Curries
Level 4
Trinoma Mall
Quezon City

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