Binulo Restaurant ~ A Haven of Capampangan Cuisine

Whenever I make a post about a restaurant or a certain place which I feel I must share to the public, I feel that I always end up posting too many photos….

Well, as they say, a picture says a thousand words……And if I have fifteen (15) photos in this post, then, I’m telling you all about this restaurant in 15,000 words.

Who reads 15,000 words, anyway?! I won’t even try. But, try not going over 15 mouthwatering photos…..I’m sure it will be very hard for you.

Don’t miss this spot when you pass by Clark Freeport Zone one of these days.

Pititian with Atsara {P185}

Fatty, crispy and oh-so-yummy deep fried pork rinds served with green papaya relish and vinegar..

Look at this, my description won’t justify what I was describing if I used words alone. Now I think one of those pork rinds is calling me and asking me to go back to Binulo.

Shrimp Okoy {P95}

Crispy Shrimp and Papaya Fritters. The Okoy that I was used to, uses bean sprouts…papaya is a great alternative.

Fiddlehead Fern {Pako} Salad {P105}

The dressing for Pako Salad is usually just calamansi or vinegar. I think Binulo’s dressing is yogurt-based.Tangy, sweet and thick that it clinks to each fiddlehead fern leaf, making the salad more flavorful in each bite.

The restaurant got its name from serving dishes cooked in a “bulo” or a hard portion of a bamboo.

I think this is Pangat na Sugpo {P270}, Prawns in sour broth, cooked and served in a “bulo”.

Binulo Rice {P105}

Even their rice is cooked in bamboo. It is also wrapped in banana leaves, making it fragrant.

Binukadkad na Hito/ Butterflied Catfish {P185}

Speaking of rice, their butterflied catfish is served with steamed vegetables, fresh mustard leaves and the dreaded Burong Isda {Fermented Rice and salted Fish}, which I never eat —-EVER! I don’t like the taste and the smell of this Capampangan delicacy.

Binulo’s version is very mild, though. After summoning up the courage to finally eat it….I put a dollop of it on a mustard leaf, put a little fried catfish, wrap it into a roll and took a bite. I surprisingly liked it and I bet tourists and haters will too… LOLz!

Kalderetang Kambing {P235}

Usually, goat cooked in whatever dish gives off that certain unlikely smell (Ma-“ango”) but Binulo’s version doesn’t have that. It’s  just delicious goat’s meat cooked in tasty tomato sauce.

Sisig {P195}

You don’t eat in a Capampangan restaurant without ordering the classic ~ their version is well-cooked, well-spiced and shouts, you’re in Pampanga!

Pork Bulanglang {P190}

A pork dish very similar to Sinigang but they use fresh guava as souring agent instead of tamarind. The soup is thick and rich with the married flavor of pork and guava.

Kare-Kare {P395}

They use U.S. Oxtail, the most delicious part you can use for Kare-Kare. Need I say more?

Crispy Pata/Crispy Pork Knuckles {P405}

For dessert we had: Bucayong Camote with Gatas Damulag {P85}, caramelized sweet potato served in fresh carabao’s milk. This is my favorite among the desserts that was served. Suman with Mango Ice Cream {P110} Sticky rice served with fresh mango slices, mango puree and mango ice cream, And Turon Saging {P110}, their version of turon has ube and macapuno wrapped together with the banana and served with vanilla ice cream.

Binulo Restaurant
Bldg 6410-6413 M.A. Roxas Highway,
Clark Freeport Zone
(045) 499 2238

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8 Responses

  1. hi peachkins, i agree with you that  a photo can  spell a hundred words, if the photo is interesting. ..
     And your photo is very interesting,  they make the food look so delicious,
     cant tell you which one looks best, i like so many , including the prawn and fried fish,ha haYour pics ar

  2. We were just at this restaurant yesterday for lunch. It took us a while to get there because we took a side trip to the Barasoain Church, the historic church where our first Constitution was signed. Then onward we proceeded to Clark Freeport Zone. Since we are unfamiliar with what used to be Clark Airbase (now called Clark Freeport Zone), we wasted our time going to SM Clark. While waiting for our designated driver inside SM (free parking by the way), I talked to someone there standing around. I asked if he is from the area to which he responded to the affirmative. I asked where we could have authentic Kapampangan lunch. He said SM was not the place for it since the restaurants there are what you typically find in any Metro Manila mall. So he pointed us to Binulo. Whoever you are, Mr. Gentleman, thank you very much! After going around in circles trying to find our way out of SM Clark’s parking lot (what a maze! I’d like to slap the architect who designed the parking area. LOL! The security guards were no help either. They might as well be speaking in Martian. SHEESH! And I wasn’t even speaking in English. hehehe). Well to cut to the chase, we finally found the restaurant next to the Flying V gas station. The restaurant kinda looked like a cousin of Max’s Restaurant. We ordered the bulanglang, relyenong manok, milkfish spring rolls and lagat pusu (banana blossoms in vinegar). Full disclosure, my mom didn’t like the food. But I and everyone else did. My mom is just hard to please. She rarely likes food which are unfamiliar to her. I never had the Kapampangan bulanglang, lagat pusu and milkfish spring rolls before. I like trying new cuisines. The bulanglang was OK but the meat was tough. They need to pre-cook those meat longer or slice them thinner. Lagat pusu was good. I don’t like milkfish so when I ordered the bangus spring rolls I was hesitant. But when I tasted them they were very tolerable.

    From there we went to Nayong Filipino and Dinosaurs Island. Watch out for beggars outside Dinosaur Island. They will tug your heart strings with sob stories like they did to us…hehe…I wasn’t interested in buying any of the junk they were selling so I just gave them P70 so they would leave us alone. Bad move! LOL…they asked for more. Dinosaurs Island was a hoot. Seniors are charged P280. Not sure what they charge for kids. But regular adults are charged P350. I thought P350 was a bit much since the place is not that big but since there are no animatronics yet that are being employed in any amusement parks in the Philippines well, I don’t feel bad for the steep entrance fees. This place is a much smaller version of Jurassic Park inside Universal Studios. If you have seniors on wheelchair, be prepared to push those wheelchairs harder because this place is not cemented. There is another section of this park that charges only P100 for a short ride where you will be chased by dinosaurs (according to the people who work there). But you won’t see those giant dinosaurs that are in the P350 section. Believe me, if you have a Farcebook (I mean Facebook…hehe…and I don’t) account, you will have plenty of opportunity to make those Facebook shots. Boo-hoo for me because I forgot to charge my digital camera. So it went lo-bat in no time and I missed making some of those memorable shots of the dinosaurs that move and roar and growl and dance. LOL! OK, if that doesn’t make you wanna see this park, I don’t know what will. Dinosaurs Island should pay me for promoting their theme park.

    I originally posted this review here:

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