Update on my Plans for Room renovation

So I’ve decided about the room color.It’s going to be peach, not because it’s my favorite color but because I think it’s going to give a relaxing and romantic mood. My mind is running around lots of things right now regarding my project–Project RR. I call it RR because it means, Room Renovation and because it also means another thing thing that I like– Rest and Relaxation. I’ve always wanted a bedroom that is sleep inducing and a bedroom that will make not make me wanna go out.

It will happen in the Summer, so before I have it repainted I’m going to have an air conditioner installed. I’m also planning to put in Ykaie’s own bed and maybe change the cabinets and drawers. That’s another thing I’ve always wanted…I wanted nice, elegant looking dark wood cabinets. Like those cabinets richmond has to offer but that would have to be for later. I’m kind of on a budget on the coming months.

Do you think I should buy a TV for the bedroom??

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  1. Looks interesting! I’m so excited to see the result of your room renovation. By the way, the color peach is a perfect choice.

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