Sebastian’s: Once in a Blue Moon Ice Cream

Before froyos entered the market, I was crazy about Sebastian’s Super premium Ice Cream. They have the most unique, innovative and the most delicious flavors. I have tried Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Malted Balls (Maltesers), Strawberry Cheesecake, the Swiss Chocolate Cheesecake, Cookie Dough and the Mint Chocolate. I find every flavor to be fantastic.

I’m also crazy about their Chillyburgers, those ice cream sandwiched cookies with a few surprises in between..

I stopped eating Sebastian’s when I got addicted to Red Mango’s Green tea frozen yogurt. But I still check out the store if there are new flavors whenever we pass by.

{photo taken without flash}

I know I’m not gonna be eating froyo that day when I saw what the latest ice cream flavor was…

Blue Cheese! It is creamy blue cheese ice cream with chunks of blue cheese and is topped with walnuts or Palawan honey.

{picture taken with flash}

I bought a cup for P125 {$2.80} and I chose chopped walnuts as the topping. It was the creamiest and the chopped walnuts perfectly compliments the cheese. Nutty, creamy and chees-y! My only bad was, I should’ve gotten it with both toppings because after a while you get so overwhelmed with all those creaminess and nutty-ness that you need something to go in-between bites. Something tart or sweet. The honey would’ve perfect but since it was too late to add honey, I settled for a couple spoonfuls of Ykaie’s Fro-ya {Frozen Yakult} Ice cream.

Will tell you all about it on the next post…

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9 Responses

  1. If you’re a blue cheese person, super sarap nito 😛 ako naumay ako after awhile kasi I can only take small quantities of blue cheese at a time. pero in fairness, kalasa niya talaga blue cheese

  2. Wow I cant imagine the taste of this one, I love cheese in ice cream but I guess this is brining it up into the next level. I am really curious!

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