The Popcorn Machine

Who doesn’t love popcorn? I know  everybody loves it because I do. I love popcorn in all forms and sizes, from movie theater “extra” butter popcorn to homemade nutty popcorn to lazy microwave popcorn. I could even eat it for dinner.

I once saw a commercial popcorn machine like this at a specialty store and I just thought… I want this. I really want to own a small popcorn machine. It would be great for movie nights with friends or family. It would also be great during parties too.

And we are a family who loves parties! All we need is to keep enough popcorn machine supplies and we can have popcorn all day everyday.

It’s very timely too because right now I’m thingking about a couple of popcorn recipes that are out of this world. Bacon popcorn and Chocolate-peanutbutter popcorn! What do you think of that?

On second-thought, if I’m going to buy a small popcorn machine, I wouldn’t buy it from the specialty store because I know for a fact that the price they put on everything they sell is twice as much as the regular price. I have to look for an online store which sells it for a much lower rate.

I want a snow cone machine and a cotton-candy machine too! LOL!

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  1. Wow. I agree that you should have your own small popcorn business for an extra income. It is great to consider popcorn machines to be a part of a business because surely people will patronize this kind of food business. I believe that a popcorn business will be successful as long as you know how to manage it well. Be sincere enough in handling your future business. 

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