Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon Chicken is a Korean favorite and I heard it was a sensation in New York.

If I’m not mistaken, the first branch in Manila opened last year and since then, I’ve always wanted to try it…

peanutbutter had already beaten me into trying it.

Chops Ricebox {P145/$3.45}

I’ve always wondered what makes Bonchon Chicken tick….

I guess it’s the double frying, the crispiness and the soy-garlic sauce of the chicken and the chops…

I have to hand it to them. They can double fry the chicken and smother it with delicious sauce but the chicken retains it’s juiciness inside and the crispy coating outside.

It is a little expensive, though. A small box with 3 pieces of wings costs P185/$4.40.

Wings Ricebox {P135/$3.21}

Here’s a closer look.

The Kimchi Coleslaw {P45/$1} was the perfect sidedish. It is a notch higher than the usual coleslaw because of the spicy Kimchi flavor.

Chapchae {P75/$1.78}

I love Chapchae or Japchae but Bonchon’s version is too sweet and too oily for me.

Would I go back there?

Well, the chicken is good.

I still have to taste their Bulgogi and that Ginger Tofu Salad stirred up my curiosity.

Bonchon Chicken
U/G Bldg A
SM Megamall

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