Beluga River Caviar

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

If peanutbutter‘s here, I’m sure you’d find me going through my grocery list for the ingredients in a special dinner date at home. There will be some champagne or wine…. perhaps some baked salmon topped with beluga caviar……. and probably creme bruleé for dessert. Such a romantic menu for a quiet and romantic evening at home.

And yes, beluga caviar is a must on special occasions like this.

Beluga Caviar is among the most expensive types of caviar in the world because the Beluga sturgeon, where this type of roe comes from, is a critically endangered species. It has a delicate texture and a smooth, rich flavor that enriches whatever type of dish you add it to.

However, since the Beluga Sturgeon is a highly endangered specie, it is nearly impossible to find it making beluga caviar rare to find. Good thing there is a high quality alternative — the roe obtained from the Kaluga Sturgeon. Kaluga sturgeons produces roe that is remarkably similar in texture, taste, appearance and flavor with those obtained from the Beluga Sturgeon and it is called Beluga River caviar.

Using it instead will help sustain traditional beluga roe stocks and will also help the environment maintain what’s left of the beluga sturgeons.

Caviar Galore offers Beluga River Caviar and ships domestic and international. It can be served fresh, on top of hors d’oeuvre, or  as a garnish for pastas, salads, fish and meats.

I might consider getting a small jar on our anniversary…

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