Goals of The Peach Kitchen for 2012

I’ve been very vocal about my New Year’s Resolution for this year and it included things like I’m going start exercising and holding off on the caffeine.

What I haven’t been telling you are my goals for this year that will definitely affect this blog. I only have two of them.

My first goal is to purchase a lighting equipment. You’ve been hearing me say that I want to continuously improve on my hobby. Well, I want to make my food photos better and so I will be investing in a continuous lighting system. I’m dependent on natural light, a lighting equipment will let me take photos even at night time.

I’m hoping that this second goal would happen in the second half of the year. peanutbutter♥ and I have plans of building a house soon and this will therefore bring “The Peach Kitchen” in the flesh, so to speak. Because of our limited budget, I’m intent in finding the best quality discount kitchen cabinets and accessories for my kitchen-to-be. I’m sure there are beautiful kitchen cabinets that will suit my taste and budget at the same time, I just have to know where to look.

I want nothing but the best for kitchen and I want it to be comfortable and cozy because that’s where I’ll be spending most of my days..

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4 Responses

  1. Woah good luck! building a house is no easy feat but I’m sure your “Peach Kitchen” will open up a lot of possibilities for you! 😀 annnnnd I’m thinking of buying lighting equipment as well but not right now. In a few years perhaps, when I’m already stable, so I might as well ask you for advice in the future. 😀 

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