Celebrity Chefs’ Fashion Statement

Most of my time through-out the day are either spent with my daughter, in front of a computer or in the kitchen. I’m a very hands-on mom and a full time foodie, so if I’m not thinking about my child I’m absolutely certain I’m thinking about food or anything related to it. One of the food-related subjects that I love thinking about or browsing about on the internet are my favorite celebrity chefs ~ Mario Batali and Bobby Flay.

With popular shows like Top Chefs and Iron Chef, celebrity chefs has become more conscious about their fashion sense. I heard some of them even had their chef shoes and chefs’ coats custom-made by popular high-end brands. It’s safe to say that they are not necessarily paid to endorse those clothing companies but there are rumors that some designer labels would dress them up in exchange of a catering service. There’s nothing wrong with that if you ask me. Celebrity Chef’s need to look presentable on and off the grill because, well, they have become celebrities. A durable chef shoes that is comfortable for long-time wear and is slip resistant is a must have but it wouldn’t hurt if it’s Prada at the same time. You know what I mean.

If you’ve seen Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, you’d notice that he’s wearing apron all the time on top of his chefs’ coat. Everyone who cooks know that  once you start cooking in the kitchen you cannot avoid a splash of broth or a dollop of sauce on your clothes. It happens. Whether you’re cooking at home, in a restaurant or in an old kitchen.

It had been my dream to be a chef, once upon a time. Now, it’s just the love of food and my family that’s kept my interest in cooking. I love seeing how their face light up when they see what’s for dinner and I love the satisfaction on their faces after they’ve eaten a good meal which I prepared.

And like Mario Batali and Bobby Flay, I never forget to wear an apron whenever I’m in the kitchen.

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