Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee |

Iced Coffee |

Today is as good as any to have a big glass of Iced Coffee…….

I imagined that if I didn’t I’d immediately go into spontaneous combustion…It’s 33°  out there, you know.

And I’m kinda stuck here at the shop….really wanting to watch The Avengers in 3D with vivid imagination of what my movie snacks would be while I sit on a soft chair in that cool cinema atmosphere….buttered popcorn with extra butter, Nacho Chips topped with cheese, garlic cream and ground beef, a giant chocolate chip cookie and a large  Cherry Lemonade.

Oh gosh.

Do you think there’s something wrong with me?

How else could you explain these things that go on in my head?

It must be the heat… must be. Are you going to watch The Avengers today?

Bear with me. I wanted to bake some Maple Oats Scones but I just couldn’t make myself go near the oven because of this heat.

Do you know if Thor likes Maple Oats Scones?

Iced Coffee |

Iced Coffee ~ my go-to beverage when I’m…

a. sleepy

b. tired

c. sad

d. depressed

e. bored and I can’t go out!!!



Iced Coffee


  • 2 tbsp ground coffee of your choice
  • 2 tbsp sugar or 2 packets sweetener
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup milk/ 2 tbsp creamer
  • lots of ice


  1. Brew your coffee grounds in the coffee maker or stove top coffee maker.
  2. Pour in a large cup and stir in sugar {and creamer} until dissolved.
  3. Add in milk.
  4. Fill a glass with ice and pour in coffee mixture. Give it a little stir.
  5. Put a fancy straw and sip, while imagining you’re somewhere in Bora-Bora.

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Iced Coffee |

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30 Responses

  1. since it’s hot, i don’t want to drink coffee yet i want coffee. so this is perfect for the coffee tantrums! I want to watch Avengers too and I bought few dvd sales on Astroplus so I think I wouldn’t mind being homestuck then XD

  2. Iced coffee in itself sounds good but if it served just like that ?! Gorgeously refreshing !  ;D Cheap , too ! Move over Starbucks er for now ! hee hee  I think Thor would really dig this iced coffee ! hahahaha 

  3. hmn… u just gave me an idea… some sunday ago i made a milo shake… why not a coffee shake! hihihihi i just hope i’ll get it done before the brownout strikes again in our area here in zamboanga… 🙁

  4. coffee= hot, cold, iced, blended… i love!!! basta anything with coffee or flavored with coffee <3

  5. hi peachkins, yes, when the weather is hotter than usual, the mood to cook is also gone.  for me, i wont think much of food, it will be more of water. gassy drinks with ice cubes.. especially coke or 7up- a reat thirst quencher. have a nice day

  6. It’s one of my favourite drinks too-so refreshing and delicious!

  7. Those warm temperatures sound rather wonderful.  We’re heading into winter now after a summer where the temperature didn’t ever get over 30C and mostly was a lot cooler than that.  We’re not ready for the cold.  But your iced coffee I could drink anytime xx

  8.  Hi Ms.Peachy!

    This is May from Megaworld Commercial Division. May I just ask where we can reach you to send in an invitation for our Venetian Market at Venice Piazza Grande, Mckinley Hill?

    May Molina

    1.  Hi May, Please send it to my e-mail peachyadarne(at)yahoo(dot)com.


  9. I’m going to go make one of these right now!  I have a little leftover coffee and this sounds great!  Have a marvelous weekend!

  10. Give me 2 of those please…it’s equally as hot here in KL…cheers, What’s Baking??

  11. Heh.  I like to dip my extra buttery popcorn in the extra cup of nacho cheese I got from the snack bar.  I can actually hear my arteries seize 🙂

    Love this iced coffee!  Temps are in the upper 80s right now so this is a PERFECT way to cool down!

  12. I cannot start a day without a cup of coffee…and ice coffee is just perfect for the warm/hot days 🙂
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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