Affordable Prescription Sunglasses from Zenni Optical

A pair of stylish shades or sunglasses are one of the many must-haves during the summer. They protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, they make you look pretty and they make you look cool.

My sister who calls herself Anney loves to wear sunglasses wherever she goes. Last year, I noticed that she’s becoming farsighted, I suggested she get prescription eyeglasses, something she didn’t want to do. When I told her she can get prescription sunglasses instead, she got excited. However, we found out that these kinds of sunglasses can be quite expensive at the optical clinic. So I suggested she purchase her sunglasses online.

Zenni Optical offers affordable prescription eyeglasses and/or sunglasses in the latest trendy looks and styles. She will just need to simply select tinted lenses when customizing her order. At Zenni, tinted lenses are just $4.95 more and she can choose from a variety of tint colors as well as the density of the tint.

With today’s  economy, we need all the savings we can get. Since Zenni offers prescription sunglasses for a lower cost, sis will be saving herself some money which she can use to pay for other things….like more family outings! Yay!

I, myself ,find Zenni’s design to be cute and trendy. Just look at this rimless, titanium and very light and flexible frame with designer heart temples.

I’m sure you’d wanna wear that….

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