Lace Cookies from Cookies Unlimited

Lace Cookies from Cookies Unlimited

I received a few boxes of Lace Cookies from Cookies Unlimited last week and to tell you honestly, I couldn’t stop eating it until I empty the tub! It is sooo addictive.

Lace Cookies are thin, crispy cookies that is named after the lace-like holes that form as they bake.

The first tub that I attacked the moment I received these goodies is the Lace Crisps Hazelnut Chocolate (₱210) which is two buttery lace cookies that has hazelnut chocolate ganache sandwiched in between. It is sweet and each bite is filled with chocolate hazelnut goodness. Definitely dessert and coffee time material.

Lace Cookies from Cookies Unlimited

The Lace Crisp Dark Chocolate (₱210) is almost the same as the hazelnut chocolate crisp except that the filling is bittersweet dark chocolate ganache. This is my favorite among the lace cookies because it’s not too sweet and it has chocolate! I swear I could finish off a tub of this in one sitting.

The Sugar Free Oatmeal Crisp (₱180) is good for those who are watching their sugar intake. You won’t feel deprived because it’s yummy and full of oatmeal goodness.

Lace Cookies from Cookies Unlimited

The Sugar Free Almond Butter Crisps (₱210) melts in your mouth! It is buttery and contains several almond flakes on top.

I gave the Chocolate Crisps (₱180) to my BFF Brenice and she enjoyed it very much. She was actually asking me where I bought it.

Well, I know you’re wondering where to buy these yummies too. Well, you can get them at Cookies Unlimited kiosk located at the 3rd floor of SM MegaFashion Hall, SM Megamall. For orders, you can text/viber them at 0917-8315050.

Check out their Facebook Page:

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40 Responses

  1. The packaging is adorable and the cookies look so delicious. I like that they are thin and lacy. The hard part would be deciding which flavor because they all look so good.

  2. It is really good to know that they have sugar free as I am diabetic but am the original cookie monster. I will definitely be looking into there-both those sugarfree varieties sound really good and tasty.

  3. These look like they would make awesome little gifts for friends, teachers, etc. Or, you know, just to hide on a tall cabinet out of the kids reach 😉 They sound absolutely delicious!

  4. My friend swears my lace cookies but I’ve never tried them! These look super yummy and I LOVE the packaging! I’ll have to try these out soon <3

  5. oh wow these look so delicious and so yummy I wish we had such in the UK. Thanks for sharing, now I feel like baking some cookies

  6. Those look absolutely crispy and delicious! I love how they wrap them up with a little red bow which makes them perfect for gift giving! 🙂

  7. My mouth is watering looking at these cookies! I think the cookies with the filling would be just perfect for tea time. I think they would make great gifts – if I could let them go!

  8. I was reading this post and half way through I thought it was one of those “boxes” that get delivered to your house…then I thought man that would be amazing, getting cookies delivered to your house – anyway off tangent – these cookies look so good I might just have to go buy some now!

  9. I had chocolate crisps before and they’re absolutely delish! Wonder where I can get them here now… Hmmm…

  10. May I just note first how packaging is very important to businesses. Look at the packaging of this cookies – simple yet enticing. I can’t remember when I last ate a cookie and it’s about time that I eat another set. I hope they do shipping deliveries 🙂

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