New Dining Options To Satisfy Your Unique Cravings at Tuscany at Mckinley Hill

Did you ever had one of those moments when such a strong craving hits you and you have no idea where to go so you can satisfy it? I’ve had a lot of those moments, specially when I was still pregnant with Twinkle. I’d crave for something Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Canadian, and Mexican all at the same time.

I’d crave for authentic chorizo and a burrito, a kebab and a cupcake, an okonomiyaki, tom yum, and coffee — I know, right? Weird food combinations and hard to find dishes, that I wondered where and how I can satisfy it.

Let me tell you a secret. There’s a charming row of restaurants in Tuscany at Mckinley Hill where you can find authentic New York Bagels, Spanish Chorizo, Canadian Poutine, and Mexican Burrito among other unique and wonderful dishes you won’t find anywhere else.

Join me as I take you on a food crawl at Tuscany in Mckinley Hill…

Terry’s Selection

Romantic, magical, and delicious. That’s how you’d feel when you try the Chorizo on Piggy Back (₱310) at Terry’s Selection. The chorizo is fresh and authentic Spanish plus it is composed of  one of the world’s best spices — Pimenton de la Vera, an exquisite Spanish spice with no preservatives that was the first to acquire the coveted status of denominacion de origen.

It’s not only appetizing but also a dramatic way to start one’s meal as it is served on a piggy clay pot….

The piggy claypot is then fueled with brandy and flamed on your table. If you’re out to impress or delight someone, this will surely make an impression.

The taste will leave you dreaming of Spain and wanting for more.

And as if I couldn’t be more impressed, we were also given a chance to try one of their cold cuts platter and a cheese platter.

The cheese platter is composed of Mahon Cheese, Manchego Cheese, and Manchego Cheese infused with wine (the purple one). It was my first time to try a wine-infused cheese and it was really good!

To cap off our first stop on this food crawl is the Three- Cheese Croquettes, a beguiling Bechamel croquette creation made of three exceptional European cheeses.

Pair all of this with a rosé, white, or red wine and you’ll have the perfect ending to your day — or a tired work week.

Wursty Wursty

Satisfy your meat cravings with the Excalibur Kebab (₱900) from Wursty Wursty! It’s chicken and beef that is seasoned well with oregano, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper and then served on a sword! It is garnished with grilled bell peppers, onion, and tomatoes with pita bread and salad on the side. You will surely feel like you’re in the Middle East!

King Arthur will surely wish he had this one instead.

If the Excalibur Kebab is too big for you, try the Kebabi (₱420), these beef kebab cocktails are just right for one.

Then pair it with a shot or two of Schnapps for a sweet ending.

L.E.S. Bagels

LES Addiction (₱470) takes the iconic New York breakfast and brings it within your reach. Pumpernickel Bagel with Sliced Lox, Scallion Cream Cheese, Capers, Red Onions, and Tomatoes is the perfect way to start your day or end it. Either way you are in for a real treat because they don’t skimp on the lox! Their bagel is just the right amount of chewy as well.

If you’re not a salmon person, then you can just try your bagel with any of their creative cream cheese combinations like Black Pepper Truffle,  Bacon and Cheddar, Apple Cinnamon, and Garlic and Chives. This is your chance to experience New York in Manila.

Nihonkai Tsukiji

Nihonkai Tsukiji serves addicting Okonomiyaki (₱280), a traditional japanese pizza made with egg, cabbage, pork, seafood, and topped with mayonnaise, dried seaweeds, and a special sauce. It tastes a lot like Takoyaki but better because you’ll get a lot in one bite. I’m absolutely sure you won’t be satisfied with just one of these.

Sophie’s Mom

Sophie’s mom has been known for serving amazing cupcakes but wait until you’ve tried the Chocolate Cupcake with Valhrona Cacao Nibs and Maldon Sea Salt (₱95). Made by esteemed chocolatiers, the Valhrona Cacao Nibs gives this moist, chocolatey cupcake a subtle crunch while the sea salt balances out its overall sweetness. Order a coffee to go with this cupcake, then sit down, read a book or scroll through instagram while reveling on its deliciousness.

Main Street

If you fee like having a poutine, you don’t have to go to Canada. Just walk up to Main Street. What’s nice about it is that they took the regular poutine and made it poutine-tastic with its Pulled Pork Poutine (₱240), a delicious combination of hand-cut fries, pulled pork, cheese curd, barbecue sauce, and spicy mayo! You’d want this paired with a bottle or two of beer while taking in the wonderful view at Tuscany.

B&T Mexican Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for Mexican food, you can satisfy all your cravings at B&T Mexican Kitchen starting with the Beef Barbacoa Burrito (₱320). It’s how a burrito should be because it has all you can ever want in a burrito like imported beef and cheeses, rice, beans, corn, and veggies made more flavorful by different mexican sauces.

Black Canyon Coffee

Craving for Tom Yum? Then check out Black Canyon Coffee’s Tom Yum Soup (₱253) is very unique because it is a meal on its own. A winner of the TOM YUM THAILAND CHAMPIONSHIP, it is highly recommended to those who love spicy and flavorful food. I am in love with the combination of prawns, galangal, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, onions, straw mushroom, chili oil, fresh lime, coriander, and spiral pasta! Yes, no need to pair this up with rice because of the addition of pasta.

Lucky’s Burger

If there’s one thing I can never say no to, it’s bacon. For Lucky’s Bacon Chips (₱275), I’m gonna say YES a million times! Imagine salty, smoky, and crispy… best of all, it is served with storemade sinamak and chili garlic sauce. I bet this is delicious with garlic rice too!!

Planet Grapes

I’ve always been intimidated when it comes to drinking wine and wine tasting. However with Planet Grapes’ tagline being “Wine Without The Drama“, they made me feel like I can drink wine however I like.

I guess even those who are already experts will discover something new with their Streetfood meets Wine pairing. In this adventurous pairing, Planet Grapes is offering their Sauvignon Blanc with Balut, the quintessential Filipino street food.

Balut with Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (₱1,450/bottle|₱40/Balut) is an unusual pairing but it works!

Whatever your cravings are, these new dining concepts and cuisines will surely satisfy it. Tuscany at Mckinkey Hill is far from where I live but I can’t wait to go back — I can’t take L.E.S Bagels and Tom Yum Soup from my mind! I’ll make sure to order Black Canyon Iced Coffee to go with my meal too.

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