BAKED BANGUS from Red Palmas Restaurant, Malabon

BAKED BANGUS from Red Palmas Restaurant, Malabon |

BAKED BANGUS from Red Palmas Restaurant, Malabon |

There’s a craving for Baked Bangus that only one from Red Palmas can satisfy.

Yes, I know. I’m lucky to be living in an area where you can get good food at really affordable prices. And THIS is one of them.

I was able to get my first taste of this when my brother brought home a piece some many months ago. It’s on top of a foil inside a plain carton box which bears the name of the restaurant and its phone number on top..

Milkfish or Bangus is one of the few fishes that I like to eat. Mind you, I’m not really fond of fish, specially the small kinds with lots of fishbones threatening to poke and rest in my throat.

But plump BONELESS Milkfish, with thick, glistening belly fat? That is something my tongue would truly embrace.

The Baked Bangus at Red Palmas are fat, boneless and baked with their special sauce. It is creamy, cheesy and utterly ambrosial. Fresh from the oven when served, you can see that sauce bubbling and steaming. It’s really one of the most beautiful sight to see, specially when you’re hungry.

What I usually do is get a forkful right smack in the middle where the belly and fat is!

One large Baked Bangus costs ₱240 and serves 3-5 persons depending on their appetites..LOL!

Red Palmas
Panghulo, Malabon
277 1203

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16 Responses

  1. Ang dami talagang masasarap na kainan or even yung mga home based na foodie biz sa Malabon, I remember dyan ko natikman yung masarap na kikiam na mahaba at may matamis na yummy sauce ibang iba sa available kikiam sa market… And also the Dolor’s sapin sapin nugn hindi pa sya sikat at nabibili sa mall naalala ko dinadayo pa namin ang Dolors hehhehe.

    1. I should know! My sister and I could finish off one of these Baked Bangus in a meal!

  2. I love bangus! Before surgery restricted my food intake, I could finish one whole bangus. Inihaw, fried, daing, sinigang – I’ll eat it if it’s bangus.

  3. I really miss eating bangus! They don’t have that here in Thailand. That really looks yummy!

  4. Masarap , masarap at ubod ng sarap , at hahanap hanapin nyo ang baked bangus na ito ng Red Palmas

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