7 Gift Ideas For A Vegan

You have a dilemma: You’ve got a good friend who has invited you to his or her special event. Maybe it’s a birthday party, an anniversary dinner, or a graduation celebration. Your dilemma is that your friend is a vegan, and you’re not sure what to get him or her.

If you’re a fellow vegan, you probably have a few good ideas what gift to give your friend; it’s just a question of figuring out which one to buy. If you’re a vegetarian, you may have some idea what gifts your friend might appreciate. And if you’re not at all familiar with the idea of following plant-based diets, then you’re probably baffled by what gift to give.

Here are some gifting options to consider:

  1. Buy a gift basket.

Here’s a quick solution: Simply shop for vegan gift baskets. First, look online for websites devoted to the vegan lifestyle and that sell vegan products; and finally, make a decision based on the image, the description, and the customer reviews. Do this early enough so that the gifts will be dropshipped to you in time for the party. In some instances, if you’ve chanced upon a retail store that sells vegan products near you, you might even be able to place an order online or by phone and then go pick it up in person.

  1. Whip up your own gift.

If you’re a good cook, why not make them a vegan dish? Again, use the Internet, but this time search for recipes. Since you’re not sure what food will be served, you’ll probably be safe with a dessert rather than a main dish. A healthy cookies & cream frozen dessert might work well.

  1. Get a gift certificate.

The following online vegan stores offer gift certificates: Pangea Vegan Store, Vegan Essentials, and Vegan Supply.

  1. Consider a themed T-shirt

While any cotton T-shirt created in a fair and ethical way (that is, one not based on sweatshop labor) will probably work well, you can go even further and get them one with a message, preferably one with a vegan-based theme. The message might be funny or compassionate, or it might have a dash of activism, making people think a bit. Roots of Compassion is an example of an online store with some great messaged T shirts.

  1. Support an artistic soul.

Is your friend artsy? Is he or she an artist or interested in art? Buying from a vegan artist will spread the love. A good place to look for a vegan artist would be Etsy. You could, for example, get handcrafted jewelry, paintings, or pen-and-ink drawings.

  1. Feed their curiosity.

It’s rare to find a vegan who doesn’t love to cook. Many vegans love preparing their own meals and are always on the lookout for some new recipe to try out. Some popular vegan recipe writers are Angela Liddon, Chandra Moskowitz, and Richa Hingle.

  1. Sign them up for a course.

You can sign your friend up for an online course related to veganism. They don’t necessarily have to be about cooking; they could be many other themes, too. Veganism isn’t just about food, it’s about values, too. So find a course that connects with vegan values from wholesome living to spiritual growth. 

You may also be able to find local courses that teach the art of vegan cooking. The best place to find out more would be to visit your local health food stores. They may either hold classes or know where you might find one.

Understanding the Lifestyle

At the party, you’ll probably be surrounded by vegans, and if you’re neither a vegan nor a vegetarian, you can avoid a faux pas by getting a clear idea of veganism. An article in the Spruce, What Is a Vegan? What Do Vegans Eat?, offers a good working description: “Most vegans extend the definition of veganism to go beyond just food and will also avoid the use of all personal and household products tested on animals, and avoid purchasing and using all animal-derived non-food products, such as leather, fur, and wool. There is some debate as to whether second-hand animal products, such as a leather jacket from a thrift store, can be included in a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle or not.”


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