152 Things You Must Know In The Kitchen

This infographic will surely help you around the kitchen. Guess what? It contains many useful information such as conversions for temperature, weight, and volumes. It has pan size conversions and how to effectively roast a chicken, turkey, ham, duck, or goose. It has a guide to cooking vegetables, grains and legumes… information about knives and storage tips.

Tips For Proper Food Storage

Food is an important part of our lives and it is our responsibility to not waste it and try to maintain its value and quality for as long as possible. It is extremely important to understand the techniques of proper storage of food. Every food is different in category from one another and has different nutrient value as well. Some food cannot last long if you don’t store them in the freezer like oils and baked food and flour which needs to be just stored in room temperature. However, people often tend to mismanage the storage techniques and end up with spoiled food and losing all the nutrient and flavor in it. It is a bit overwhelming to remember all the correct ways of storing the food but this infographic will solve all your dilemmas.

Well did you know, if you store ground coffee in the freezer it retains the quality and flavor for much longer than if you leave it in a jar in normal room temperature? There are several other such tricks to help you retain the food for much longer period of time. Meats and seafood belong in the fridge in the fridge and in their own package in resealable packs. That way you can seal it back once you have taken out the portion you require and the meat won’t turn bad as well. Similarly, whenever we open up any dairy products like milk, yogurt, and creams, it is vital to store them in an airtight container as dairy product tend to go sour much easier than any other.

There are several other tips and tricks for proper meal and food storage techniques in the specially designed just for your convenience. Please go ahead and take a look at our infographic for more detailed knowledge of food storage methods.

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