How to Pick the Best Internet Service Provider

If your internet connection is slow, or you can’t stream Netflix’s because it’s always buffering, this is a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISP is a company that provides you with access to the Internet, through equipment and a telecommunication line.

Choosing a good ISP can be a painful process, since you must deal with confusing contracts, numerous package choices, and lots of fine print, and you might end up making the wrong choice of provider.

The first step in finding the best service provider for yourself is seeing what companies are available in your area. It’s essential to figure out who provides internet services in your area before going any further for the following reasons:

  • Not every provider will be available in your area. If you’ve spent this time searching for a specific company and have an idea of the package you want, but they don’t cover your area, you’ve wasted some valuable time. Depending on where you live, you might be limited on the providers that can service your area.
  • Speeds, prices, special offers, and package lineups vary by location. Again, if you’ve been researching, and think you’ve found a package you like, but without talking to the ISP, the box might not be available for your area. Providers have different pricing for different locations.

To find the best internet plans in your area, search for internet service providers near you on, than call the providers for more information.

Second, you want to compare plans, prices, and speed tests between a few internet service providers before choosing an option.  When comparing, you need to look at the following items: plans and pricing, speeds, installation and equipment costs, customer satisfaction ratings, and data caps and overage fees.

After comparing ISP plans, you need to determine how much internet speed you need. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your speed needs:

  • How often do I stream video? A 1080p video requires approximately 5Mbps for excellent performance, while if you are watching 4K, it will use about 25Mbps.
  • How many people in your household stream at once regularly? Multiply the speed requirements in the first question, by the number of people in your household.
  • How many smart home devices are connected to your Internet? Depending on the tools that are attached to your Internet, your bandwidth can be used up quickly.

When you’ve determined the amount of internet speed you need, you need to test your current connection speed to see if it matches the required rate. Checking your speed will give you an idea of what you need to compare against other providers.

Lastly, once you have done your research, speed test and know what you need, and which providers are in your area, you can make an informed decision that you should be happy with.

Are you switching your providers?

If you are unhappy with your current ISP, and are planning to switch, but are under a contract, it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars to get out of the agreement early. Most providers are strict on having to pay early termination fees. You will also be responsible for returning your old equipment, such as modems and wireless routers.

However, the bright side is that you’ve now made a decision on a new internet service provider based on solid research and will be happier with the services they can provide you.

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