Giyummy Ramen

Giyummy Ramen
Giyummy Ramen

The Korean food craze in the Philippines is undeniable, and the latest addition to the scene is taking instant noodles to a whole new level. And we finally tried it! At Giyummy Ramen, a self service DIY Instant Ramyun Snack House near our home. Forget the days of boiling water in a cramped dorm room – THIS is all about a different DIY ramyun experience.

Giyummy Ramen

Noods of Choice:

The star of the show, of course, is the ramyun. Forget your basic instant noodles – this shop boasts a mind-boggling selection of varieties, from classic Shin Ramyun to spicy Jjigae ramyun and even seafood-infused options. There’s literally a ramyun for every craving.

DIY to the Max:

But the real fun lies in the customization. Pick your noodles, then pile on the toppings – kimchi, fish cakes, dumplings, cheese, sausage — you name it! The options are endless, and the best part is, you get to build your own flavor bomb. Don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed – the staff is happy to offer recommendations based on your spice preference.

Beyond the Broth:

No Korean meal is complete without banchan. Giyummy Ramen doesn’t disappoint, offering a selection of pickled vegetables, kimchi, and other small bites to complement your ramyun. And if you’re still feeling peckish, there are Korean snacks and even ice cream to round out your feast.

The Verdict:

Giyummy Ramen is more than just a place to eat noodles – it’s an experience. It’s a taste of Korean street food culture, a chance to get creative with your food, and a fun night out with friends or family. So whether you’re a seasoned ramyun connoisseur or a curious newbie, this place is definitely worth a slurp

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10 Responses

  1. We love ramen and for sure we will enjoy this place, especially the experience of trying out their cooking gadgets.

  2. Wow. this kind of store is really something I wanna try soon! It looks delicious and amazing!

  3. We love ramen noodles also and I like how you can add some many ingredients to make them your own way. Giyummy sounds like a great place my family and I would enjoy eating at!

  4. Wow, Giyummy Ramen sounds like the ultimate destination for instant noodle enthusiasts! The range of ramyun options, from classic to spicy and seafood-infused, is impressive!

  5. i hope to find a good Korean restaurant which offers many veg options around here.. and the concept of banchan is cool

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