Fabriano Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker

Fabriano Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker
Fabriano Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker

Let’s be honest, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But for me, there’s one unsung hero that makes my kitchen life a million times better: my new Fabriano Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker. You might think it’s just a fancy water cooler, but trust me, it’s so much more!

Okay, hear me out. I might be a little (a lot) obsessed with my new hot and cold water dispenser. Judge me later, but this thing has seriously upgraded my kitchen game.

Daddydoodledoo and I had been talking about getting one since two years ago but was always postponed because of one reason or another. But this time — we had a go.

Let’s be real, water is important. But chugging lukewarm water isn’t exactly exciting, right? This magical dispenser? It’s like a hydration fairy godmother, granting wishes with a simple press. Ice cold water on a scorching day? Boom. Instant hot cocoa for Twinkle and those movie nights? Done and done.

Plus, forget the kettle wars and endless refilling of water bottles. This thing is like a never-ending well of delicious, filtered goodness. Hydration throughout the day? Easy peasy.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

But wait, there’s more! This gadget is a foodie’s dream come true. Need hot water for oatmeal or your favorite instant ramen? This dispenser has your back. Instant coffee and tea lovers, rejoice! No more sketchy microwave heating. Just pick your temperature and enjoy that perfect cup.

And let’s not forget Mother Earth. Ditch those plastic bottles and refill your reusable one with ease. Eco-friendly and convenient? Win-win!

Fabriano Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker

Oh, and did I say mine has an Ice Maker? Yes! It can make 13kg of ice in 24 hours. Of course, it stops naman when it’s already full.

On top of all that, this dispenser look pretty snazzy, fitting right in with any kitchen style. Plus, it has safety features like night lights and child locks for the hot water which makes it even more awesome.

So, yeah. I might be a little obsessed with my Fabriano Top Load Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker. But hey, it makes my life easier, keeps me hydrated, and levels up my kitchen experience. What’s not to love?

So, if you’re looking for a way to simplify your life, improve your hydration habits, and elevate your kitchen experience, then this might just be your new best friend.

I got this for ₱15,995 but you can easily buy this from their Flagship store in Lazada for P14,396. here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/FabrianoWaterDispenser

You’re welcome.

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