Ykaie’s Moving Up and Lunch at Boat Noodle Philippines

Ykaie's Moving Up Grade 10
Ykaie's Moving Up Grade 10

After Ykaie’s Recognition Day last May 29, 2024, Moving Up Ceremony naman the next day – May 30, 2024. So we were there at the same time and same venue. The same

It was such a happy occasion with happy and proud parents being there for their Grade 10 children who are at the end of their Junior High journey. After the ceremony were a lot of picture taking among friends and classmates and their teachers. Some students even had their blouses signed by their classmates.

Daddydoodledoo wasn’t able to make it because he took Twinkle to her Mcdo Kiddie Crew Workshop. Will tell you all about this at www.mommypeach.com.

To celebrate Ykaie’s Moving Up, we ate lunch at Boat Noodle Philippines.

Our Orders

We ordered a serving each of their noodles: Beef Tom Kha Kai, Beef Pathumthani, and Beef Ayutthaya. These noodles are flavorful and I wanted eat more but I also wanted to eat other delicious items from the menu. I figured we needed another noodle dish, so we had Pad Thai (₱320) — it’s so flavorful and had many taste going on – sweet, sour, spicy.

We love Crunchy Popeye’s Tempura (₱185), the crunchy battered kangkong is perfect when dipped into the creamy spicy dip. The Thai Spring Rolls are very meaty. I love that the Sweet Chili Sauce has chopped onions.

These Pandan Wings (₱275) are crispy but a bit dry. Syempre we ordered drinks as well. I had my favorite Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), Ykaie had the Iced Lemon tea, Daddydoodledoo had the Blue Butterfly, and Twinkle had Mango Smoothie.

We were so full after. Congratulations again ate Ykaie! Daddy, Twinkle and I are so proud of you!

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