Jjang Kkae Restaurant

Jjang Kkae Restaurant

It’s Dadydoodledoo who wanted to try Jjang Kkae Restaurant for the longest time now. He really likes Jjajangmyeon and I cooked it for him mga three times na — well, for me rin because I also like it.

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Ykaie just recently appreciated it — I think that was a month ago — the last time I cooked it. The recipe that I used to make it was just gotten online and on Tiktok. I’m hoping it was an authentic recipe but of course, we still want to know what an authentic Jjajangmyeon would taste. So yesterday, after attending a kiddie party at Jollibee, we found ourselves having early dinner at Jjang Kkae Restaurant.

Jjang Kkae Restaurant

Jjang kkae (pronounced “jjang keh”), literally translating to “jjajang” (black bean sauce) and “kkae” (soup), is a Korean comfort food that’s quickly gaining popularity. While it might not be the most visually appealing dish, it packs a flavor punch that’s sure to leave you satisfied. i guess the name of this restaurant came from its specialty — jjajangmyeon and jjampong.

A lot of people are ordering the Steamed Mandu (₱200) which is korean dimsum. It had a meat and vegetable filling which was okay. I find the skin a bit tough, though. Dipping sauce is only soy sauce and chili powder.

Jjang Kkae Restaurant

Jjang Kkae’s Jjajangmyeon (₱320) is a local favorite, praised for its authentic taste that rivals what you’d find in Korea. It has a thick, black bean sauce that’s rich and flavorful, coating the chewy noodles perfectly. You can even opt for a side of Jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup) for a delightful combo. I think mga P400 pesos yon. I love the sauce and the noodles especially! The sauce has large chunks of pork — which I didn’t get to taste pero Ykaie and Daddydoodledoo did.

Jjang Kkae Restaurant
Jjajangmyeon being mixed and Tangsuyuk pork dipped in the sauce.

Beyond the Black Beans

While Jjajangmyeon is the star, Jjang Kkae offers a wider menu to satisfy your Korean food cravings. Another bestseller that they have is the Tangsuyuk (Small – ₱730) which is their version of Sweet and Sour Pork but the sauce is served separately. The pork remains crispy because hindi sya nakababad sa sauce. They have small, medium, and large. We got the small and it’s good for 6 people!

We’ll surely be back here and I’ll try the Jjampong for sure!

Jjang Kkae Restaurant is located at 103 Vargas Bldg. Kalayaan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

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