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I ought to start a portion here in my blog called peanutbutter‘s lunch. Just like Nickelodeon’s Joey’s Lunch where in you get to see what’s inside Joey’s lunchbox and they all sing and dance…naah, I bet you’d think I’m all too corny but I’ll continue posting what I prepare for peanutbutter . You see, I don’t do this on a daily basis because my super powers do wear off from to time to time.Anyway, my cousin, Joffrey brought us some local sausages from Pangasinan (Alaminos Longganisa) a couple of days ago and that’s what he had.

It’s Alaminos Longsilog night for him.
and some spicy tomato for dipping!
This is my entry for.

Have a great weekend friday eaters!

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9 Responses

  1. I’d love to bring lunch to school…but we’re only until 12 so I can eat na lang later hihi…Happy weekend!

  2. Masarap ba ang Alaminos longganisa? Magandang idea yang Peanut Butter’s lunch mo… siguro set aside one day of the week for that, parang certain portion sa iyong blog. =)

    My food friday entries are here and here.

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