Avocado with Condensed Milk

No savory Filipino dish has avocado in them so before I became a foodie at the age of  12, this is the only way I know how avocadoes are eaten…..sweetened and as dessert. I was weirded out when I first found out that it is used to make sandwiches and salads. Specially when I found out it’s also used to make soups!

Many people like their avocadoes as a smoothie or avocado shake. It’s blended with ice and sweetened condensed milk which results into a very creamy and refreshing summer drink.

Yes, I agree, what I have here are probably the ugliest avocadoes you have ever seen.

I grew up eating spoonfuls of  avocado chunks swimming in a pool of sweetened milk along with chunks of ice to keep it cool. This is how we always do it and it was always this heavenly.


3 medium ripe avocadoes
½ cup sweetened condensed milk
1½ cup chunks of ice

Scoop out avocadoes from its skin using a spoon. You can mash some of it but keep it chunky.Add condensed milk and chunks of ice. Mix well. Some of the ice will melt and give the mixture a little sauce.
Grab a spoon and enjoy!

My Ykaie will also grow eating avocadoes this way. Easy and delicious…perfect .

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