DAMPA: Claire dela Fuente Seafood Place

Yes, I was on blog hiatus for a week.

And yes, I am still on a blog hiatus…

Let me just give you an idea why…

peanutbutter is home!!

Yup, my beloved is home for a one month vacay..we picked him up at the airport last tuesday.

Since it was already 6pm, we drove straight to Dampa for dinner.

DAMPA: Claire dela Fuente Seafood Place
ykaie looking at the crabs and peanutbutter♥ buying some oysters

Dampa is a place wherein there’s a Wet Market (“palengke”) where you can buy fresh seafoods and meat. There are lots of different restaurants lined-up directly across the wet market. You will then  choose the restaurant where you would like the seafoods that you bought to be cooked. You just tell the waiters what dishes you want and they’ll take care of the ingredients.

We bought fish, squid, crabs, oyster and Lato {Sea weed}

DAMPA: Claire dela Fuente Seafood Place

There were lots of restaurants. It was such a hassle to go through all of them and pick just one, so we chose the very first corner restaurant — Claire dela Fuente Seafood Place. We figured it must be good since it is owned by the famous singer.

First on the menu is the easiest to prepare: LATO SALAD. The perfect side dish to accompany our seafood dishes…

We also had Calamares or Calamari. I didn’t like the dipping sauce, though. I think it was made with really cheap mayonnaise.

Oyster dipped in spicy vinegar– this is one of my favorites!

Sweet Chili Crabs..they shouldn’t have breaded the crab before frying because what happened was, the breading absorbed all the flavors that were supposed to be absorbed by the crab.

Sweet and Sour Fish— Perfectly fried and the sweet and sour sauce is delicious..

We went home immediately right after dinner..

Then it’s off to Tagaytay the next day….

So you see..I am kinda busy right now *wink*

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