BABOY Bonding with the Family

BABOY Bonding with the Family

Now I see that I got your attention with the title…

Yup, you read it right that’s Baboy Bonding…..only us pork lovers could come up with a name like that for a family sunday get together…. and this was executed Filipiniana style ~ eating with our hands, with banana leaves as our plates…

You see, we just loveβ™₯ loveβ™₯ loveβ™₯ all things pork…

So last sunday, we went to our Tita’s home in Novaliches to gossip, spend time with my cousins and nieces and Baboy Bond!

Here, let me give you a close-up on what’s in our “buffet” table…

BABOY Bonding with the Family

Let me start of with the crunchy and fatty Pork Chicharon/Deep Fried Pork Rinds…..

BABOY Bonding with the FamilyMarinated Grilled Pork Belly

BABOY Bonding with the Family

This is one of my favorites~ Fried Pork Neck dipped in spicy calamansi-patis sauce

Crispy Binagoongan and Green Mango slices

Our drink was Sago-Gulaman, of course!

My cousin Tess made Sinantol…which I’m gonna try to make one of these days….

There was Salted Egg and Tomato as a side-dish…..

..And some shrimps….

We also have steamed Eggplant and Okra which we dipped in thick Bagoong Balayan….

…more marinated grilled pork belly……..

…and some fruits for dessert….

..And here I am, having the time of my life….Did you notice I was dressed to fight? LOL!

{Let me tell you a secret, I brought some Orlistat to this family event}


According to sis, next family bonding will be Bacon Buffet…. LOL!

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18 Responses

  1. oh my! your family really knows how to eat good tasting food! kainggit! my tummy growls on the pictures! hehe!

  2. Ate Peachy! This is torture!!! I am sooooo craving for good Pinoy food right now after seeing your post! Hope we’d also have some baboy bonding this Christmas~ πŸ˜€

  3. Wow… look at all those baboy on the banana leaves! Everything looks so delicious and must be so nice to be eaten by kamayan way πŸ™‚ Btw, I wish I could try the sago gulaman, didn’t get the chance to try it last time.

  4. I love the pictures with all the food…indeed they all look delicious πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing such a fun post and hope you are having a great week!

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